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The children of Donbass speak

Ksyusha, 6 yo, Lugansk:
- Most of all I am afraid that my Mom and Dad will be killed. Then I will not be able to save my 6 month old brother. It would be better I got killed.

Serezha, 4 yo, Lugansk province:
- My Dad went to war. Mom and Grandma cry every day and say nothing to me. This makes me scared even more… Maybe my Dad has gone already?

Sasha, 3 yo, Donetsk province:
- I want to eat. Always…

Tanya, 5 yo, Mariupol:
- What we have here is scarier than horror movies. Funerals take place every day…

Sveta, 4.5 yo, Slavyansk:
- Our house was bombed. My Mom, Grandma and I then lived in a basement. When another bomb fell in our yard again I started to stutter.

Vanya, 4 yo, Kramatorsk:
- When bomb thumped, I got scared and wet myself. Now, every night, when I hear thunder, I wet myself, and my Mother looks at me and cries a lot ...

Sergey, 8 yo, Lugansk province:
- I am not afraid to die, but if my Mother, Father and Grandmother are killed I won’t be able to live through this.

Eugenia, 9 yo, Donetsk province:
-During the war we began to believe in God for real, without pretending. Because we understand, only God can defend us…

Tamara, 6 yo, refugee from Slavyansk:
- The war happens when all around you is only evil, but the good are killed and buried somewhere far away.

Save Donbass Сhildren from Ukrainian Army!

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